Holtkotter 6542P1HBOBSW Viennese Series 8 inch 1 Light Floor Lamp in Hand Brushed Old Bronze Viennese floor lamp equipped with Dimm System Punkt 1 P1. Satin White shade provides glare free lighting. Features of Dimm System Punkt 1P1 Point Dimming turn the lamp on with a single click of the P1 dimmer Soft on the lamp will come on low and continues to brighten to full brightness. This allows the eye to adjust gradually to the increase in light. SoftDelayed Off a single click turns the lamp off. The lamp dims to 60% brightness, remaining at that level to allow you to exit the room, then it gradually turns itself off, rather than immediate darkness as is the case with other switches. Dimming Cycle press and hold the dimmer down the lamp cycles through all brightness levels release the dimmer when the lamp reaches the light level of your choice. Tilt Switch In the event that the lamp is tipped over, the tilt switch cuts off the power to the lamp. 1 Light Floor Lamp in Hand Brushed Old Bronze $498.00

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